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Jai or JAI may refer to:
  • JAI, an acronym that refers to the Java Advanced Imaging API for the Java platform.
  • Jai, a popular name of Indian origins (meaning Victory) or Thai origins (meaning Heart).
  • Jai, a shortened spelling of Luóhàn zhāi (Buddha's delight), a Chinese vegetarian dish typically eaten on the Chinese New Year
  • Jai means 'party' or 'festival' in Basque language
  • Jason Rowe, a British pop/soul singer who recorded under the name Jai in the late 1990s
  • Jai Koutrae, an Australian actor.
  • Jai, orphan boy sidekick to Ron Ely's Tarzan (1966-1968), played by Manuel Padilla, Jr.
  • Jai Alai, means "Merry Festival" in the Basque language
  • Jai Rodriguez, from the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
  • Jai Taurima, a famous long jump champion of Australia.
  • Radio Jai, a Jewish radio station broadcasting from Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Jaipur Airport, Jaipur, India for its IATA code
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